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Assalamualaikum. Wr. Wb.

Dr. Kurnia Ningsih, M.A.Welcome to the web of English Department of Faculty of Languages and Arts (FBS) of State University of Padang (UNP). This blog functions as media for us to share and develop our department. You can surf to find any information required, latest news related to our department, read articles, and so on.

English Department of UNP has two study programs. They are English Language Teaching Study Program and English Study Program. Those study programs are accredited by BAN-PT.

We do apologize if the information required is not complete yet, since this blog is still in the preparation.  This is prepared by Havid Ardi one of our academic staffs (our alumnae). But, I do hope that all readers can give contribution, suggestion, critic, and also article to be presented in this web.

Finally, please write your comment, critic, suggestion, and question here. Do not forget to write your email, so if you need a response we can response to your email directly.

We do hope that it will accelerate the development of our department.

Sincerelly Yours.

Head of Dept.

Dr. Kurnia Ningsih, M.A.


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  1. Congratulation for your efforts in developing a blog for my “almamater”. I graduated from FKSS IKIP Padang quite a long time ago, and I thank to Allah, the Almighty God, so I still have the opportunity to communicate with you with this technology. I left FKSS with a BA degree in 1968, and moved to Jakarta. I didn’t do much teaching, ‘se I worked for various MNCs in Jakarta, Malang, Surabaya, Bali, Semarang, Gresik, Probolinggo. I have a career in HRD Management. Presently I am active as a Trainer, teaching HRDM.
    I would like to inform your students that their English would be very useful to get a job in a foreign company. They have to know in which management areas they may develop their career. I will write to you again, anyway. BTW send my warm regards to Pak Anas Syafei, Pak Syahwin, Pak Zainuddin, Pak Sofyan if they are still there. Thanks. Asfar

  2. Hi,
    I would like you to confirm whether Paj Kusni is my class mate 1982-86, I am Rita unyil, was in the same class with Mimi and Gepeng you probably still remember those crazy years. Please send my special regards to Pak Syahwin. By any chance you might fly over Europe do not hesitate to knock on my door, selalu ada nasi rendang ala Inggris. Thank. Rita Cowderoy

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