Welcome New Students

   Welcome to English Department FBSS of State University of Padang for the new students academic year 2008. You have passed a big fight to join in this department. You can proud of it!

This Department is one of the oldest department in State University of Padang (ex. Institute for Teachers Training and Education of Padang) that firstly established in Batusangkar and known as PTPG Batusangkar.

In 1997, English Department accepted English for non educational study program. The students can choose either concentrate on Literature or Linguistics. Therefore, English Department continuously increases the profesionality of its staffs. Now, English Department has many professors in English Language Teaching and Linguistics. And also, English Department has got Doctor majoring Literature. Now, in order to keep giving the the best professional assistance to its students English Department sends 9 staffs to continue their education both Doctor and Master degree in various universities.

English Department provides Mini library (although it is bigger than the library of faculty) and Self Access Learning Center (SALLC), 2 language laboratories, and 1 Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) Laboratory with 80 computers.


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