A National Seminar on Language Literature and Language Teaching (NSL3T)



Exploring Current Issues

 on Linguistics, Literature and Language Teaching



The huge role of language in human life brings about the interesting and challenging notice on it. As language has form, meaning, function, and value, the studies toward language may be addressed to these various aspects. Linguistics, literature, and language teaching are the fields which are used by humans to study language theoretically and practically. Learning language involves socio-cultural and pedagogical matters. It is a high fundamental and reasonable point to say that studying language means studying the language form, function, meaning, and values based on particular context.

In accordance with the facts mentioned above, having discussion and seminar on language are necessarily needed to strengthen and to promote the humanistic and pedagogical sciences and practices. On the moment of 100 years of “National Resurgence of Indonesia” (1908-2008) and the anniversary of the English Department of FBSS-Universitas Negeri Padang, we would like to hold A National Seminar on Language, Literature and Language Teaching (NSL3T). The seminar is held under the theme “Exploring Current Issues on Linguistics, Literature, and Language Teaching”.

The International Seminar is intended to encourage those who are interested in sharing ideas of their interests and opinions on current issues on language, literature, and language teaching. These are valuable to strengthen and promote the progress of humanistic and pedagogical sciences and practices. Therefore, presenters are expected to have papers on various specific topics on the following areas.

a.       English, national, and local language studies in micro and macro-linguistic perspective on current linguistic theories.

b.      English, national, and local literature features on current and critical literature analysis.

·        Teaching literature at schools (SD, SMP, SMA) and at university

·        Problems and expectations in teaching literature at schools (SD, SMP, SMA) and university

·        Using local literature in teaching English

·        The roles of theories and literary criticism in teaching literature at schools and university

·        Children and educational values in children and youth literature

·        Teaching moral values through literature

c.       Second and foreign language teaching; current development and practical uses in classroom.

·        Alternative Approaches and Methodologies

·        Curriculum and Materials Design

·        Language Acquisition

·        Education and Language Policy

·        International/Intercultural Communication

·        The Use of  IT in Language Teaching


Presenters and Participants

            Lecturers, teachers, researchers, and others who are interested in language, literature, an/or language teaching are kindly invited and hopefully participate as presenters and participants as well. Invited spekaers in this seminar will be:

1.      Utami Widiati, M.A, Ph.D (Universitas Negeri Malang)

2.      Dr. Raden Safrina Noorman, M.A (UPI, Bandung)

3.      Dr. Simon Sabon Ola, M.Hum (Universitas Nusa Cendana, Kupang)

4.      Prof. Dr. Oktavianus, M.Hum (Universitas Andalas, Padang)



            A-250 word abstract of paper which has never been presented in any forms should be sent by e-mail to: kusniaskar@yahoo.com or lingua_didaktika@yahoo.com or by posted-services to the committee of NSL3T :

  •      Jurusan Bahasa & Sastra Inggris

                                             Fakultas Bahasa Sastra dan Seni (FBSS)

                                             Universitas Negeri Padang

                                             Jl. Belibis, Kampus Air Tawar Padang 25131

                                             Sumatera Barat Indonesia


The deadline of abstract submission is August 21, 2008 and the announcement of abstract acceptance is  September 7, 2008. Following the abstract, the writer’s identities involving complete name, e-mail, fax, and contact addresses should be written separately and sent together with the abstract to the same address.

The accepted complete paper should be developed into 3500 – 5000 words (including bibliography) on A4 paper, single space, 11 pt, and character letters of Times New Roman. Please use window XP 2003 program or the previous programs. The selected paper will be published as the seminar proceeding. Paper presentation will be 40 minutes;  laptop , LCD and OHP  are provided in each room for preliminary and parallel sessions and the presenter is expected to have power points in a flashdisc.


Dates of Moments:

August 21st 2008                      : The deadline of sending abstract

September 7th 2008                  : The information/ announcement of abstracts acceptance

  through e-mail

September, 21th 2008               : The deadline of complete paper submission

October, 6th 2008                    : The deadline of registration for seminar participants

October, 11th -12th 2008          : The seminar days



            Presenters and participants of seminar have to register and pay for registration fee; the latest date is October, 6th 2008. The payment is as follows:

1. Presenters                                                    : Rp. 150.000,-

2. Participants                                                   : Rp. 200.000,-

3. Students of S1/S2/S3 UNP                          : Rp. 150.000,-


The payment should be transferred to :

·        Account holder: Yenni Rozimela

·        Bank                : BNI Cab. Padang

·        Bank Address  : Padang

·        Account No.     : 0078009718


Payment receipt should be sent by means of facsimile no: 62 (0751) 447347

All participants and presenters will get seminar materials, proceeding, lunch, snacks, and certificates.


The seminar will be held at FBSS building (Faculty of Languages, Literature and Arts), Jl. Belibis Kampus UNP, Air Tawar Padang.



            Papers and presentation may be in English or in Bahasa Indonesia. However, the language of data  may be in other languages.



            The committee will not provide accommodation. However, the following alternatives are available.        

1. Penginapan LPMP UNP (10 minutes walk from FBSS)


                                            Rate : Rp. 60,000 – Rp. 85,000   


2. Pangeran Beach Hotel : Jl. Ir. H. Juanda 75 Padang (± 2 km from UNP)

                                           Telp. 62-751-7051333

                                           Rate: 505,000 -620,000


3. Inna Muara Hotel : Jl. Gereja 34 Padang (at the center of the city, ± 9 km from UNP)

                                          Telp. 62-751-35600/33741

                                          Rate : Rp. 544,000 – 598,000


4. Rocky Plaza Hotel    : Jl. Permindo 40 Padang (at the center of the city, ± 8 km from


                                      Telp. 62-751-840888

                                       Rate : Rp.432,000 – 504,000


5. Hotel Nuansa           :  Jl. Samudera 12 Padang (near the beach, ± 9 km from UNP)

                                       Telp. 62-751-26000/ 34000

                                       Rate : Rp. 180,000 – 215,600


6.  Hotel Dipo International         : Jl. Diponegoro 13 Padang (near the beach, ± 6 km from


                                                    Telp. 62-751-34261

                                                    Rate : Rp. 266,000 – 302,500


Note : The rates above are subject to change


Contact Persons




Phone/ Hp




Dr. Kusni, M.Pd




Dra. Yenni Rozimela, M.Ed, Ph.D




Leni Marlina, S.S




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