Welcome to English Department Blog

Assalamualaikum. Wr. Wb.

Welcome to the weblog of English Department of Faculty of Languages and Arts of State University of Padang. I am very happy, that we have this blog as the media for us to  share and develop our department.

This blog is also developed to give the information to the students, alumni and staff of English Department.

Thank you


7 Responses

  1. Hello sir, I’m also happy to find this blog finally…
    to share bout our beloved department yeah…

  2. It’s cool 2join this website. I do hope our department will b d best among others.

  3. our english blog?! surprising!!! I hope this blog will globalize the department.

  4. Yeah… many students do not realize that our department has a blog…
    I think it’s lack of promotion….

  5. Asw
    Dear All

    We are glad that our department has already had it is own blog. Alhamdulillah, Pak havid has time to develop such good blog. In the future, it will be cool, if this blog has English department’s profile, lecturer’s profile and student’s profile. We are going to try it together.
    Have great days for all this blog guests.

  6. Dear, all.

    This website (http://pptik.ugm.ac.id/website/) is good to be seen. Hope someday, our campus can create the such complete website.

  7. Semoga dengan web ini jurusan dapat lebih berkembang dengan makin cepatnya informasi dan juga materi perkuliahan yang disajikan secara online. Pengembangan profil sedang berjalan walaupun jarak jauh. Mohon bu Lina menghimpun datanya ya. Karena bu Lina udah magang bidang SIM.
    Juga web dari dosen yang lain sudah ditunggu mahasiswa lho.

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